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There are endless ways to use the Prophecy deck. That being said...I will give the same instructions here as I give on the 'How To Use These Cards' instructions that is provided with every deck. You can use the cards in either of these ways, or make up your own! Contact the dead in a dark, late night ritual...or turn it into a drinking game. The cards are simple and easy to use so anyone can pick them up and begin using them immediately. If you can ask a 'yes' or 'no' can use these cards.

Below are the instructions that come with every deck:

Intended Experience: (The person receiving the answers should be the only one handling the cards).

Step 1: Shuffle, then divide the 20 gold Prophet cards into 4 stacks of 5 cards each. Keep cards face down at all times.

Step 2: Shuffle, then divide each of the Question cards into their own stacks of 8 cards each. Place one stack each below the 4 Prophet stacks. Keep cards face down at all times.

Step 3: Ask a Yes or No question. Choose and flip any Prophet card from the top of a stack to get your answer.

Step 4: Choose any appropriate Question card to flip if you want more information (Why? Why Not? When? How?)

Step 5: Continue asking questions as feels necessary. Reshuffle cards as needed until you are satisfied.

Fast Play Experience: (No Question cards are used)

Step 1: Shuffle all 20 Prophet cards until thoroughly mixed, keeping cards face down at all times.

Step 2: Ask a Yes or No question.

Step 3: Flip the top Prophet card from the shuffled stack to receive your answer.

Step 4: Continue until satisfied.

Although some of the answers received may seem very accurate or make no sense at all, please keep in mind these cards are for entertainment purposes only.


Way easier than Tarot! The Cosmic Prophets are with 4 new Prophets. This is the 3rd Edition, NOW WITH 52 'fortune telling' cards! There are now 20 Cosmic Prophets and 32 Question/Answer cards. You ask a 'Yes or No' question, then flip a Prophet card to get your answer...if you'd like more information (How? Why? Why Not? When?) you can flip a Question/Answer card. Simple. Easy. If you can ask a Yes or No question, you can use these cards. 

This 3rd Edition includes 4 new Prophet cards, including the often requested "NO" card that now accompanies the "YES" card. Also added are three more alien bug creature Prophets, complete with deep colors, strange writing, and symbols that cut through the designs and create strange shapes reminiscent of stained glass.

All card art was originally hand painted by yours truly. This card art is beautiful reproductions of the original work. 
These cards are great for people that want quick answers to any question. There's no need to know Tarot or it's history.

This is a quick Question and Answer card game. You ask a question, you flip a card, you get the answer. 
It's that simple. 
You can ask serious questions and try to speak to the dead or you can keep it light and fun and ask about the weather or your future super powers. 
What you do with the cards is up to you. Just enjoy and have fun! 
Lastly, keep in matter what answers you get, these cards are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Cards are professionally printed and shrink wrapped and come with their own window tuck box. Meaning the cards are sealed and put in a box that has a see through window on one side. The box is the same weight and style as what you would expect if buying a deck of tarot or playing cards.

Shipping is FREE in the continental U.S. Cost is a sweet $27.50 USD for 52 cards!!



The Prophecy Deck was created by yours truly, ARTmuffin (aka Christopher Gendron). I created all of the artwork and have written all of the feedback you'll receive when using the cards. I originally had the idea to create a deck of cards similar to tarot, but I wanted it to be easier to use and more accessible to the general public, while still having a cosmic, mystical feel. I also wanted it to be a bit more interactive than a tarot deck. Hence the Who, When, Why, Why Not cards. Once you ask a Yes or No question you can go further and ask Why, Why Not, etc...One of the things I always try to do with my art and my personal projects is to create something strange and wonderful that would have enchanted and drawn me in when I was a child.

The concept is partially inspired by not only my own drive to want to put a fun and mystical fortune telling deck into this world, but also by childhood wonder spawned by side show fortune tellers, magic 8-balls, and a very specific episode of The Twilight Zone in which William Shatner finds himself in a diner with his wife while waiting for car repairs and he starts dropping money into a fortune telling machine sitting on the table at their diner booth. You can learn more about that episode, entitled "Nick of Time" (Episode 43) by going here.

Between those influences and the numerous movies I've watched involving strange tarot, ouija boards, seances, and other events in which we simple humans attempt to contact the dead and learn the secrets of the universe I suppose it was only a matter of time until I created my own mystical deck of cards for people to experience.

This is how the Prophecy Deck came to be. I hope you enjoy it.




The Prophets are original characters that I've created in an attempt to create a sense of wonder and cosmic mystery to the deck. I wanted the Prophets to feel as if they may be real Prophets from other dimensions, often performing their own strange rituals or events within the card they inhabit. It's up to the user to decide what the event might mean, and what it might mean for them.


Below are photos of cards included in the 3rd Edition. All 20 of the Prophet cards are shown at the top of this page. More photos to be added soon. Be sure to check out the video at the top of this page or head here to watch it directly on my YouTube channel.

Full Spread

Close up

Newest Addition to 3rd Edition


ONLY $27.50 USD for ALL 52 cards!!
Buy now with PayPal.
Shipping is FREE in the continental U.S.



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Thanks for your time and interest in the Prophecy Deck. Please be sure to tell friends and share it on your favorite social media outlet.

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Thanks again for your interest. Please spread the word!




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